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Top 20 Ways to Annoy the Radio DJ:

1. Call in when you know a contest _isn't_ on and say "Did I win? Did I win?" very excitedly. Then make the deejay feel guilty when he tells you you called at the wrong time.

2. Same as above, but do it after they already have a winner.

3. Call in and request the same song every two minutes.

4. Every time he puts you on live, call him queer. (works well on talk radio)

5. Or if he's really queer in real life, try to convince him to become straight. Try Biblical reasons.

6. Call in and tell bad jokes and laugh hysterically. Snort.

7. Record part of the show and scramble, staticize (put static in), speed up, slow it down, do whatever you can think of to it, then send it to the station's e-mail address.

8. Call in responses to radio ads to the request line. Example: You: "I'm calling to respond to Jewel-Osco's sale on feather boas. I'm sure they'll go fast, so could you save one for me?" Act really clueless and ask the DJ to find the store's phone number for you.

9. Call and ask for condoms.

10. If they don't play your request right away, call back and cuss them out.

11. If they respond in kind, threaten to sue.

12. Call and say that the current song offends you and ask them to please take it off the air RIGHT NOW.

13. IF one of the prizes is from a "prize vault" ask for the most unlikely, outrageous thing you can think of.

14. Throw a tantrum if you win a CD you didn't want that much.

15. Call in and request obscure songs.

16. Or request the last song they played.

17. Offer a bribe to the deejay after you've lost a contest.

18. Organize a protest outside the studio. Make it a subject having absolutely nothing to do with the station.

19. Call in and act like you've fallen madly in love with the deejay.

20. Request a song completely out of the station's type of music, i.e. if it's a rock station, request a country song. Act stunned that the deejay never hear it. Start singing in an effort to help him recognize it.

[ Emily Dehl, ]

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