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You Might Be a Nurse if ...
Offensive At A Wedding
Corporate America
Signs Your PC isn't Top of the Line
Troubles with your mage
Network TV Gimmicks
Hong Kong Movie Subtitles
Having a Bad Day
"Twister": rejected movie titles
New Names for Mir Space Station
Signs you need a new Doctor
Signs you need a new Lawyer
Technology vs Life
You Know you're hooked when ...
You Might be an Engineer if
You aren't cool if ...
Netscape 5.0 Features
Windows NT over OS/2
South Park obsessed ...
New Tourist Slogans For New York
Golf Course Language
Bible by College Students
Signs You're from New York
Annoy the Radio DJ
If you do not succeed
You're from Pittsburgh if... Top 100
Cruel things to say to a naked man
Beeing From NW Pennsylvania
How to be left alone...
April Fool's Day Pranks
Ways to Annoy People
How to Handle Stress
3 Biggest Lies
Condoms @ McDonalds
Top 16 Olympic Events in Hell
Top 10 - Fish Symbol
Make a Telemarketer Go Away Top 100
You might be a redneck if... 1
You might be a redneck if... 2
You might be a redneck if... 3
You might be a redneck if (4)
Austin Powers pick up lines Top 15
Prison vs. Work
Headline Humor
Follow the rules...
Tired of the 90's
Me, you and Them
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