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It seems that Ole was sitting in a bar with his best friend, Sven. "I chust don't know," Ole complained. "I come home and Lena don't have my dinner ready. Seems to me a man ought to be able to have a hot meal when he comes from work. It ain't right, you know."

"Oh," Sven said, "I had a problem like that. I would come home and the house would be messy. I told my wife, "From now on, I expect the house to be clean when I get home!"

"And vot happened?" Ole inquired.

"The first day, I didn't see anything. The second day I didn't see anything. The third day, I see that the house is clean as a whistle."

"Wow! Chust like that!?"

"Yeah, just like that. I wear the pants in my family."

"By golly, I vill try that myself!" exclaimed Ole.

A couple of weeks later Ole runs into Sven, and Sven says, "So what happened, Ole? Did you tell your wife you expected dinner on the table when you get home?"

"You betcha," said Ole. "Chust like you said. I told her what's what."

"So what happened?" Sven asked.

"Oh, pretty much like with you. The first day, I come home, I don't see nothin'. The second day, I come home, I don't see nothin'. The third day, I come home, I can maybe see just a little bit out of my left eye."

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