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Once upon a time Cinderella was sitting on her porch just weeping and sobbing when suddenly a Magic Fairy came by and asked her why she was crying. She told the Fairy that she was always forced to work on the pumpkin farm and therefore never found any time to meet guys and never got laid.

Upon hearing this, the Fairy suddenly took out her magic wand and pointed it at the pumpkin and turned it into the most beautiful dildo a girl can dream of. However, she warned her that she can only use this dildo until midnight and not to dare try it longer than that.

Obviously, Cinderella paid no attention to the warning and started to have fun with the dildo totally loosing track of time. When the Fairy came back the next day, she realized that Cinderella was still crying except only harder and louder. She immediately went down to her and asked her how yesterday went and Cinderella said it went really well until Midnight. So what are you crying about the Fairy asked?

Because you never fuckn' told me that this thing would turn back into a pumpkin after midnight!

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