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Tooth Fairy Denials Top 200
Three Questions
I wish... Top 100
One Dark Night
Blond Joke
A True Atheist
"Two Statues"
The Genie And An Ex-Wife
Superman-WonderWoman Top 200
Exact Change
Ginie In A Bottle
Genie Joke
If I could do it all again
Genie in a Bottle
Well, Pardon Me!
The Frog and The Princess
Little Green Men
Psychic HotLine
The Wizard
Twelve-inch Piano Player
Pirate meets Geenie
Endless Luck
Swiss Chocolate Top 100
Opening Night
Wishes With Strings Attached
The I. R. S. Genie
Infinite Wisdom
Third Wish
Three Wishes
Little Red Riding Hood
Kitty & Lady Find Love
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