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What i have learnt from watching sportmovies

1. If you loose to much and the owner is thinking about firering you the anger will let you become invinsible and win the championchip

2. Bad players get better if you pep talk them before the last bat etc

3. If you have one player on each base and has two strikes against you, you will make a home run

4. If you are down 2 or 3 goals before the last period of the game(goes for hockey). Your game will turn the game around and eaqulize with 15 seconds to go and score the winning goal with 1 seconds left in the game

5. If you kick someone in the groin(american fotball) there is no penalty

6. If the bad guys do the same they are out of the game.

7. Goes for every movie. The hero always win, even if he is a boxer half the size of his opponent

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