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One day Jesus and Moses were on the golf course and decided to have a contest over who can make the most outstanding shot.

Moses goes first. He settles up for the shot and hammers it straight for the green. Unfortunately, the ball falls into a water hazard. Undaunted, Moses raises his arms to the sky, and the water parts where the ball dropped in. The ball rolls out of the water and onto dry land, only a foot away from the hole. Jesus looks at Moses and says, "Hey Moses, that was a pretty good shot. Now let me see what I can do."

Jesus settles up for his shot and sends the ball screaming towards the green. Unfortunately, Jesus has the same luck as Moses did. The ball heads straight for the water hazard. Jesus holds out one hand and, instead of dropping into the water, the ball bounces on top of the water and rolls onto dry land only 3 inches from the hole. Moses says, "Wow, that was an incredible shot!"

No sooner did Moses say this, than the skies grew dark. The wind started up, lightning and thunder crackled through the sky. Suddenly a ball falls from the heavens into the same water hazard where Jesus and Moses had hit theirs. A fish swims up and swallows the ball. An eagle swoops down, grabs the fish in his talons, and heads for the now darkened sky. Lightning strikes the eagle and he drops the fish onto the green. The fish opens his mouth, the ball rolls out and drops into the hole.

Moses turns to Jesus and says, "Man! I hate it when your Dad plays!!"

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