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One day the N.A.S.A. scientists and the astronauts were having exercise somewhere in the Middle America. They were practising the expedition to Mars. This surrounding has been chosen because the ground looked similar to Mars's surface.

Soon they got a company. An old Indian man was looking at them and he seemed to be very interesting in what they were doing. He asked them in his bad English:

'What is going on in here?'

They explained him all about their expedition to Mars. They also said that there is a possibility that they will discover a new life form there.

An old Indian seemed pretty excited and delighted. His next question was:

'Could you guys give my message to the aliens, if you will meet them by coincidence?'

The group from N.A.S.A. liked it very much. The idea about sending a message from this old Indian man to unknown aliens was amusing and worth trying. So the man spoke a few words in Indian language (because his English was too poor) and the message was recorded on the tape. But because the guys from N.A.S.A. were a bit in a hurry they forgot to asked him what was the meaning of the message. This was not so small problem, since no one at N.A.S.A. knew Indian language.

In the next week the leader of the group was trying very hard to find someone to translate the message. At first he wasn't successful, but when he finally found someone, the meaning of the message was discovered. The message was: 'Beware of these guys! They came only to steal your soil!'

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