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A very rich Sultan had three sons. He also had 17 camels. The Sultan died and his last will and testament was read. To his eldist son he left 1/2 his camels. To his middle son he left 1/3 of his camels, and to his youngest son he left 1/9 of his camels. After much discussion it was determined the 17 camels could not be divided into those proportions so the brothers dedided to seek the counsel of one of their father's wise old friends. The old friend said " I have many camels so I will give you one so that the proper number of camels can be given to my old friend's sons. The sons now had eighteen camels which could be evenly divided.

The eldest son took 1/2 or 9 camels.

The middle son took 1/3 or 6 camels.

The youngest son took 1/9 or 2 camels.

9 + 6 + 2 = 17

And so the extra camel was returned to their father's wise old friend.

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