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A local hardware company called Tompkins have a new line of nails that they wish to sell.

They hire a big shot advertising agency and one of the salesman begins work on the advertising campaign to sell these new "Tompkins nails".

After a month the salesman calls a meeting with the board of directors from Tompkins, so he can show them what he has come up with. The salesman pulls away the covers revealing a poster of Jesus Christ nailed to a cross, and across the bottom in big letters it states "We used Tompkins Nails".

Well as you can imagine, not many of the directors were particularly impressed with this, and they thought that they had too may religious builders in the local trade that would be rather upset by this poster. They told the salesman he had another month to come up with something better.

A month later the salesman returns, revealing his new poster, this time showing Jesus running away from the cross, the slogan now says ... "We SHOULD have used Tompkins nails!"

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