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Religious Tech Support
The solution is...
I Want To Be...
The Collection Plate
God Wants A Vacation
Counting Ribs
Senior Driver
Two Priests
Pope and fishing Priests
All things are relative
Where is God?
Passover Funny
Bible Bloopers
Gods kids
Denounce Him
Church Football
Did You Go?
How To Handle Adult Mail Spam
Jesus vs Satan
Chicken: Religious-Other(14/15)
May I Help?
Jesus and Joseph
Serenity Prayer
Bible by College Students
A True Atheist
Well, if it's that obvious to a child...
R u ready to go for a ride?
Temperance Sermon
Another Bill
A 90's Bedtime Prayer
Human DNA
Where do pets come from?
George's Physical
Satan Goes To Church
Dear God,
The Church Choir
New kind of nails
The New Nun's Secret
Not In Heaven
One Hundred Dollars From God
The Queen and the Archbishop
Pilate joke
Engineers vs Lawyers
Top 16 Olympic Events in Hell
Top 10 - Fish Symbol
Computer Genesis
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