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George W. Bush's Intelligence Quiz
Make the Pie Higher
Bush Plays God
Puzzled President
Bush Solves a Puzzle
Bush and the Jews
Bush's Business Proposal
Texans in Hell
Post turtle
Ghosts of Presidents
Cheney & the Bushes on a Plane
God and the Village Idiot
The Texas Hillbilly
Bush on tour
Bush Country
Politician's Wife
Bush Goes For A Jog
Eyes Wide Shut
Artificial Intelligence
The Bet
Statue of Liberty
French Fries Renamed
Tragedy explained
Famous Last Words
Anti-War Slogans
Iraq Compilation
Bomb Iraq
Coalition of the Willing
Iraq Secretly Baking Pretzels
Winning the Election
The Dubya War Glossary
Axis of Evil Wannabes
Iraq explained
Chicken: Iraq War
Chicken: US Election 2000
Common Ground (Topical)
Bush jokes
Presidential Library
Invasion of Spain
Enlarge Your Coalition
Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf Quotes
Little Johnny 382
Air Ballon
Corrupt Politicians
Bushs Brain Scan
Roasting Hillary
Choice of Career
Bronze Statue
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