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Two missionaries were captured by hostile natives and brought before the chief. "For violating the sacred jungle, you must be punished! What will it be--DEATH or REKHYOOMER?" Well, the first missionary doesn't know what rekhyoomer is, but he knows what death is, so he picks rekhyoomer. He is placed in front of a 300 baud terminal and forced to read the same jokes over and over. "LBJ!" "BTW!" ":-)" chant the natives as the first missionary nearly dies from boredom. "Take him to soc.women" says the chief. "Now," he says, turning to the other missionary, "will you take DEATH or REKHYOOMER?" The second missionary, not wanting to go through such torture, says, "I'm afraid not."

"DEATH BY REKHYOOMER!" says the chief.

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