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1. Meaningful Communication: Where No Man Has Gone Before

2. The Undiscovered Side of Baking: You Do It

3. Combatting the Couch Potato Syndrome: Surprise, The NFL (NBA, etc) Does NOT Require Your Nightly Patronage to Remain On-air!

4. Parties: How to Go Home with Whoever You Came With

5. Woman Management: Discover How Minor Household Chores Can Be Done By You Too!

6. Bathroom Etiquette I: Putting Down the Seat

7. Bathroom Etiquette II: Toothpaste, On the Brush, Not in the Sink

8. Valuation: Just Because It's Not Important to You . . .

9. Communication Skills I: How to Speak Intelligibly

10. Communication Skills II: Keeping Your "Word"

11. Communication Skills III: Getting/Keeping The Girl You Want Requires the Removal of These Words from Your Speech Pattern ...

12. Driving a Car Safely: You Can >DO< it!

13. Party Etiquette: Avoiding Alcohol After You Can't Stand Upright

14. Telephone Skills: How to Use One, and NOT Two Weeks After Recieving Her #

15. Introduction to Parking

16. Advanced Parking: Reversing Into A Space

17. Overcoming Stupid Behavior: Don't Treat Her Different When Your Friends Are Around

18. Liquid Grain Storage: On Your Stomach, It is Fat

19. Cooking I: How to Eat IN

20. Cooking II: How to NOT Have Heart Attack By Age 21

21. Cooking III: How to Inflict a Diet on YOURSELF

22. Compliments: How to Give Them

23. PMS: You Try It

24. Dancing: Why Men Ought To

25. Sex - How to Slow Down

26. Classic Clothing: How To Match

27. Cleaning: She Is Not Your Momma

28. Laundry: How to Do It

29. Intense Discussion About the Functions of Your Car: For Men Only

30. Oil and Gas: Your Hair, Your Instestines. Problems NOT for Public Demonstration

31. Learning to Ask Directions

32. Appreciating Soaps, Colognes, etc...

33. "How Was I?" - Why Women Lie

34. TV Remotes: Not Your Personal Property

35. Sexy Lingerie: The Difference Between SEXY and Risque

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