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Jesus is walking around heaven, feeling nostalgic for his earthly life and family. He decides to look for Joseph to catch up on old times. He sees an old man and goes up to him.

Jesus: "Excuse me, I'm looking for my father."
Old Man: "What a coincidence. I'm looking for my son."
Jesus: "Well, my father wasn't really my biological father, but he loved me like a son anyway."
Old Man: "What a coincidence! My son wasn't my real son, either, but I loved him as my own."
Jesus: "Well, my father was a carpenter."
Old Man: "What a coincidence! I was a carpenter, too!"
Jesus: "Wow! Well, when I was a child, I left home for a long time, and when I finally came back, I experienced a magical transformation and became something completely different from what I'd been before."
Old Man: "Wow! The same thing happened to my son!"
Jesus: "Father!"
Old Man: "Pinocchio!"

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