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- Forrest Gump: Life is like a box of chocolates.

- Forrest Dahmer: People are like a box of chocolate, YUM!

- Forrest the Hun: Chocolate all mine!

- Forrest Shakespeare: Chocolate, or no chocolate that's the question.

- Forrest Simmons: Chocolate is bad! EXERCISE, EXERCISE!!

- Forrest Copperfield: Poof, the chocolates are gone!

- Forrest Hitler: White Chocolates only!

- Forrest Rivera: People who like Chocolate .. Next on 'Forrest'.

- Forrest Jackson: Little kids like my box of chocolates.

- Forrest Hefner: Keep the chocolate, lose the box.

- Forrest Butler: Frankly Scarlett, I don't like chocolate.

- Forrest Lee: Fight with your inner chocolate.

- Forrest Nicholson: You want chocolate, you can't handle chocolate!

- Forrest Andrews: The Hills are alive, like a box of chocolates.

- Forrest Lauper: Girls just wanna have chocolate.

- Forrest Turner: What's chocolate gotta do, gotta do with it?

- Forrest Presley: Hunk-a-hunk of milk chocolate.

- Forrest Eastwood: I know what your thinking, "Did he eat five chocolates, or did he eat six?" Well in all this excitement I've forgotten myself. So you have to ask yourself... "Do I feel hungry?" ... well ... DO YA, PUNK?

- Forrest Barney: I'm cream filled, you're with nuts. We're a box of chocoluts

- Forrest Zen: I am one with the chocolate.

- Forrest McClaine: I used to be a box of Chocolates.

- Forrest Spock: Logically speaking, we are all chocolate.

- Forrest Scotty: The box, she's breaking apart Capt'n.

- Forrest Vader: Luke, I am your chocolate.

- Forrest Yoda: There is a dark chocolate and a light chocolate.

- Forrest Simpson: Mmmmm, who killed the chocolate ?

- Forrest Clinton: I didn't inhale the cream centers.

- Forrest Adam and Eve: ADAM=Chocolates are forbidden. EVE=Just eat one.

- Forrest Moses: I command the chocolates to separate!

- Forrest Noah: 2 creams, 2 nuts, 2 coconuts, 2 peanut butter.

- Forrest Ali: I am the chocolatiest!

- Forrest on phonics: Lief es lyk a boks uv chakolets.

- Forrest PsychicLine: Yes, I knew you were a chocolate.

- Forrest Dating Game: Bachelor number two, if I was a piece of chocolate ... what would you fill me with?

- Forrest Alimony: The Whole Box is mine!

- Forrest Adultery: You just can't have just one chocolate.

- Forrest Smokey: Don't light Mars Bars.

- Justice Forrest Thomas: I never touched her milk- duds!

- Forrest 900-line: Oooh, can I suck your cream filled chocolates?

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