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-=[ Microsoft Bashing]=-

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The following were found scribbled into the stall wall at Microsoft, courtesy of MAD magazine.

Bill Gates downloads here

Where do you want to go today? In the crapper!

Microsoft Word Speelchecker RULES!

Do not flush mouse pads down the toilet!

To flush, press handle. You do not need to hold Control, ALT and Delete at the same time.

The Basic Program
10: Enter
20: Lower Pants
30: Try real hard
40: If nothing, then goto 30
50: If something then goto 60
60: Wipe Butt
70: Exit

Stop writing these mindless jokes and childish insults on the walls! Yeah, that's what the internet is for!

Why cant B*ll G*tes get dates? Becuase he's Microsoft

-Rajeey has a 3 1/2 inch floppy! - Carl
-Carl still plays with his wang! - Rajeev
-Yeah, well you both program in DOS - Fred
-Byte me! - Rajeev and Carl

Your mother's so fat, it took me 25 minutes to download a picture of her from the web!

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