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-=[ Microsoft Bashing]=-

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10. Do You know how much it costs to furnish a 35,000 square foot house in Seattle?
9. You always wanted Microsoft to maintain a database of your hard drive.
8. The access number for AOL is always busy, so you'd rather join Microsoft Network.
7. Fewer Mac sales will mean you can get the 8500 you ordered 7 months ago.
6. You finally have an excuse to upgrade your system.
5. You want to plug and plug and plug. (You don't mind waiting for the play?).
4. Your mom is a Mercedes dealer in Seattle.
3. Internet is too full of information, so you'd like Bill Gates to decide what you should see.
2. You think the Justice Department should be fighting monopolies not crime.
1. Bob '95

[Guy Kawasaki]

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