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Microsoft Given Control of All .net Domain Names:

Geneva - U.N. arbitrators today decided in favor of Microsoft in a ruling against companies "cybersquatting" on .net domain names. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ruling means that all internet addresses ending in .net will now be transferred to Microsoft.

Microsoft announced its .NET strategy last month and says it "will provide easier, more personalized and more productive Internet experiences by harnessing constellations of smart devices and Web sites with advanced software through Internet protocols and formats." As part of its .NET strategy Microsoft also petitioned the WIPO for control of all .net domain names.

"It's a great victory for Microsoft," said CEO Steve Ballmer, "These companies are trying to capitalize on the .net strategy that Microsoft created. They are using our marketing dollars for their own gain. This is America and that sort of thing isn't supposed to happen. We commend WIPO on the decision they made and feel that this is in the best interest of the consumer."

The ruling will take effect immediately. Microsoft has announced that from now on all .net addresses will be redirected to All email addresses ending in .net will cease to exist, and Microsoft is recommending those users use its Hotmail internet email service.

US arbitrator Simon West said, "While some of these companies like AT&T have legitimate claims, they fail to realize that Microsoft's .net strategy is bringing the next generation of windows services to the internet."

In a separate ruling Microsoft was also given rights to, and In addition to the Microsoft rulings, Rush Limbaugh was given control of

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