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See also: Computer and IT
A server that works.
Some M$ Windows Humor
Microsoft Husbands
New Microsoft Product Bulletin
Microsoft C++
USA = Microsoft, Europe = UNIX
True Microsoft story
REM Ad Themesong
Top Reasons To Buy Windows 95
Rolling Stones Songs
Micro$oft quote
M$ Windows 2000
Windows NT over OS/2
Bill Gates from Alabama
Bill's new House
Browser War
Contraceptive 98
Internet Explorer 4.0 Source Code
Microsoft Acquires Monopoly(R)
More evil than Satan himself Top 100
M$ warns of Y2.001K problem
Its not a software company
M$ Knowledge Base
Microsoft bathroom humor...
Redmond Roundup
Pirated Copies of W2k
NT in WindowsNT stands for:
Might be a M$ Employee (1)
Might be a M$ Employee (2)
Microsoft Acquires TM Symbol
M$ Marketing Slogans
Windoze quotes
Win2000 error messages
What Win9x Stands For
Microsoft struck by DOS attack
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Windows slogans
Windoze BBS Taglines
Windows98 Source Code
Microsoft acquires all .net Domains
Windows95 Source Code
The Joy of Windows
Great Writer
Songs for WindowsXP
and have a Microsoft Day!
Microsoft Acquires Christmas
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