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The Question
Well! What do you know?
Who enjoys sex more? Top 100
Not so Blissful
Men from Mars, Women from Venus Top 15
Things Women will never understand
Counting Ribs
Be Careful What You Say!
The Secret Code
Such a Deal!
Which is the Better Invention?
A Different Reaction
I wish... Top 100
Woman - A Chemical Analysis
Everything men know about women
Modifying cultural norms
Men & Women
A Familiar Face At The Bar
Men would like to change this
100 Camels
The "Dear John" Letter Top 100
Ways to impress the opposite sex
Did you hear?
The gift
Single Woman's Prayer
Thigh Meat this Holiday Season?
Husband and Wife
What a man hears
A man and a fish
Anti-feminist joke Top 100
Deathbed Confession
A Good Date
A Strange Affair
Gonna Get Lucky
Honey, Do Anything He Wants
Netscape Technical Support Folly
Voodoo Penis Top 100
Applying For Social Security
The Perfect Story
Ten Dollahs
Impending Death
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