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Esther Cohen was testing her 2nd grade class's imagination. She put her hand in a box, removed something without the class seeing what it was, put her hand behind and asked "Class I am holding something in my hand, its round, red and is edible, what is it? Several hands went up.

Esther said, "Yes Robert".
Robert, "is it an apple?"
Esther replied, "No Robert, who else can try?"
Peter called out, "its an orange."
The young teacher said, "No."
James shouted, "it's a tomato!"
"Very good James, that's correct", the teacher answered.

Little Johnny's hand shot up as he said "Miss Cohen, I also want to test the class's imagination" Esther, reluctant to call on Johnny due to his propensity to use foul language, said "okay, go ahead". Johnny putting his hand in his trousers pocket says, "I am holding something in my hand, its three inches long and has a head, what is it?" The class was quite and no one had their hand up. The teacher thought quickly and said in a disgusted voice, "Johnny sit down and keep quite, I don't want any of your silly jokes."

Johnny, smiling removes his hand from his pocket and says, "it's a match stick, Miss Cohen you have a lot of imagination."

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