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The nice lady teacher decides to play a guessing game with her second grade students one day. She reaches into her desk drawer and says, "Jenny, I have something in my hand. It's round, sweet and orange in color. What is it?" "That's easy! It's an orange!" Little Jenny says.

"Correct!" says the teacher. She then reaches into the drawer and says, "Billy, I have something in my hand. It's long, skinny and yellow. What is it?" Little Billy thinks for a minute and says, "It's a pencil!"

"Correct!" says the teacher. Before she has a chance to reach into her desk again, Little Johnny stands up and, with his hand in his pocket, says, "Hey teacher! I have my hand on something. It's round, hard and has a head on it." "Johnny!" the teacher exclaims. "You march to the principal's office right NOW, young man!" As he walks past the teacher, Little Johnny removes his hand from his pocket and pulls out a quarter.

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