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Little Johnny had been blind since birth. More than anything, all he ever wanted out of life was to be able to see, so that he might have a normal and happy life. But alas, his blindness was incurable and he suffered in sadness. Then one day his mother came to him with new hope - "Tomorrow is a Very Special Day, Johnny, and if you pray really hard tonight, an angel will come to you in your sleep and bless you, and in the morning you'll be able to SEE! Quite understandably, Johnny was overjoyed. He could hardly contain himself as he prayed as fervently as he could, putting his whole soul into his humble plea for the blessing of sight.

That night Johnny could hardly sleep, for he was so excited about the prospect of the Very Special Day. He dreamed of himself riding a bike, or playing ball, or doing other new and exciting things that normal kids take for granted. Then he awoke the next morning, and jumped out of bed, and fell to the floor because - horror of horrors - he was *still blind*. Screaming and crying, rubbing at his eyes, he cried out in shame, "Mommy, mommy, prayed as hard as I could! Why am I blind? I thought it was a Special Day!" "I know, son," his mother said. "April Fool!"

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