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Little Johnny was at his first class of the day, the teacher was asking the kids what they had for breakfast, starting with little Jenny, Jho said she had cherios for breakfast, then on to little Bobby, who said he had scrabbled eggs for breakfast.

Finally she asked little Johnny what he'd had for breakfast. To which he replied "I had fuck all, for breakfast." The teacher was shocked and told him he would have to stay behind at the end of the day for one hour.

A little later in the day the same teacher was giving a geography lesson and was asking the kids where the polish border was, first was little Jenny who thought it was somewhere in Africa, the teacher told her she was wrong and let little Bobby try to answer the question. He thought it was in asia, again he was wrong, so she finally ask's little Johnny where the polish border was.

Little Johnny reply's "the polish border is upstairs fucking my mother, that's why i had no breakfast."!

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