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The elementary students were paying close attention to their teacher, as kids do at that age, when their teacher asked the class to use the word "fascinate" in a sentence. They all pondered that one a moment, since the word was new to most of them. Hesitantly, little Susie raised her hand and said, "I was fascinated by the sunset last night."

The teacher said that was good but she had used "fascinated." Then little Mikey said, "I went to a fascinating wedding." Again, the teacher mentioned that he had used the word "fascinating" instead of "fascinate," but that he was on the right track.

In the back of the class little Johnny was waving his hand and the teacher was trying not to call on him because he was known for his rude and crude remarks! But, alas, since no one seemed to be solving her question, she gave in ... Little Johnny said, "My big sister has a blouse with 10 buttons but she has such big tits that she can only fascinate."

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