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Little Johnny is bored one Saturday, so he says to his dad, "Dad, I'm bored. What is there to do?"

His dad decides to have a little fun with Johnny, so he gives him four quarters and says, "why don't you go to the drug store and get me some what's what?"

Baffled but excited, Johnny scampers down the street to the drug store.

He asks the druggist for some "what's what," and at first the druggist is confused, until he guesses that this kid has been sent out on a wild goose chase.

He replies, "we don't have any, but that building over there might," while at the same time he points towards a whorehouse.

Johnny, again excited, runs over to the whorehouse. He knocks on the door, and a naked women answers. He says, "I need some... hey, what's that?", motioning to her crotch.

"What's what?" she replies.

Satisfied, Johnny says, "I'll take a dollar's worth!"

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