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Little Johnny paints a sign: "WE MOVE ANYTHING FOR A DIME." He tells his buddy Roy to get his wagon and both sit under a shade tree in Johnny's front yard, waiting for business.

Kathy, across the street is not to be outdone, so she paints a sign: "WE MOVE ANYTHING FOR A NICKEL." She tells her friend Nellie to get her wagon, and they both sit in Kathy's yard.

Johnny's dare that GIRL? Then, a flash ... and Johnny hauls Roy across the street ..."let's get some laughs" ...
"Say, Kathy, you move ANYTHING?"
"Give me a nickel and I'll prove it to you."
"Roy, give me your nickel!" Johnny takes it and hands it to Kathy.
"What you want moved, boy?"
"Move my BOWELS!" Johnny starts laughing.
So Kathy kicked the shit out of him.

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