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One day in a third grade classroom a teacher asked her students what their fathers did for a living. The first boy raises his hand, and says my dad is a fireman. The teacher replies, "Hey, that's a great profession, he gets to fight fires and he has to be very brave."

So the teacher calls on a second student. A young girl is chosen, and she tells the class that her father is a policeman. The teacher replied,

"Oh that's a great job, he has to be very brave, and he gets to put all the criminals behind bars."

So a third student raises his hand and is chosen by the teacher. She asks him what his father does for a living and he says that his father eats light bulbs. The teacher, now confused, says, "That's crazy, what makes you think that he eats light bulbs?" The student replies, "Well last night I got up out of bed to get a drink of water, and when I walked by my parents room I overheard my father say, "Hey baby, turn out the light and I'll eat it."

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