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Little Arty went to the first day of kindergarten and sat down. His teacher went around the room and was asking every boy and girl his or her name.

When she got to Arty he said, "My name is Arty, but they call me 'Farty' and that pisses me off."

Sensing some anger she said to Arty, "This is kindergarten Arty, we don't talk like that." Then she went around and asked everyone their address.

When she got to Arty he said, "I live on Third Street but they call it 'Terd Street' and that really pisses me off."

She said, "Arty I want you to meet me after class at my desk."

"Yes ma'am." Arty said. So he meets her at the desk.

His teacher says, "You seem like a smart little boy can you tell me what this means?" Just then she pulls up her dress.

He says, "Of course I can. That means you wanna diddle and I'm too little and that really pisses me off.

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