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This kindergarten teacher was taking her class to the zoo for a field trip. They came to the cage for the zebra:

TEACHER: Who can tell me what animal this is?

BILLY: Well, it looks like a horse, has black and white stripes. Must be a zebra.

TEACHER: Very good, Billy.

They come to the elephant.

TEACHER: Class, who can tell me what animal this is?

JANE: It has big feet, is very big and has a trunk. Is it an elephant?

TEACHER: Very good, Jane.

They come to the baboon cage.

TEACHER: who can tell me what animal this is? No response.

Finally Johnny raised his hand reluctantly.

TEACHER: OK. Johnny, would you like to try?

JOHNNY: Well, it has a big belly and has a lot of hair all over, and has a stupid look on his face... must be a truck driver.

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