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A teacher on playground duty noticed a scruffy little boy sitting in the dirt and intently working on something. As she approached, she saw that he was using a twig to stir something in an old soup can. "What have you got in the can, Johnny?" she asked brightly. He looked up at her with evil little eyes and said, "Got me some chickenshit n' water." After she had recovered from her shock, she stammered, "What in the world are you doing?" "Makin' me a teacher!"

"Oooh!" she howled. "The principal shall hear of this!" and she stamped off to find him. When she returned with the principal in tow, the boy was still hard at work, stirring away, frowning in concentration. "All right, Johnny! Now, you tell me, what have you got in that can there?" said the principal. "I got me some chickenshit an' water" said Johnny, grinning crookedly at the man and continuing to stir.

The principal recoiled in horror. "What do you think you're doing?", he bellowed. "Ize makin' me a principal", Johnny replied, leering up at him.

"Well, my young friend, we'll just see about that", the principal said, and stormed off to find a cop. When at last he returned with a policeman, Johnny was still industriously working on his project.

"All right, me lad, what've ye got in the can?", the cop asked. Johnny replied, "Got me some chicken shit n' water!"

The cop frowned and said, "ah, and I suppose you'll be tellin' me you're makin' a cop, now won't ye?" Johnny frowned down into the can, critically examining its contents. "Nope. Ain't got enough chickenshit."

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