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Johnny was on his way home when he saw the ambulance at the neighbor's house. He went running home to tell his mother what was going on. "Hey ma, guess what?" he asked. She replied, "The ambulance was taking the neighbor to the hospital with a broken foot." He asked, "How did you know?" She replied, "I bought a scanner today." He couldn't for the next week put one past his mother and her scanner.

One day one of his classmates asked him if he was still a virgin. He reluctantly said that he was. His friend told him about an old sow out behind the farmers barn that they did it to. So he went and did it to the old sow. When he got home he thought here's one that I can get past ma on. He proceeded to tell her that he was no longer a virgin. She looked at him and said, "In a pigs ass I bet." He just stood there and said, "Damn those scanners!"

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