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Little Johnny comes out of his first health class, where he was told that a boy has a penis and a girl has a vagina. At lunch he looked in his pants, and now knows what a penis looks like, so he goes off happy. When the youngster gets home, he asks his father, "What does a vagina look like?"

The father, totally caught off guard, looks around and sees his wife in theflower bed, so he tells his curious son that a vagina is "one of natures' beauties, looking like a rose just starting to bloom."

Johnny goes to play in the neighborhood, and starts to repeat everything his father has told him. He is the talk of the playground, until a couple of older boys ask him, "So smartie pants, what does it look like after sex?" To the horror of Little Johnny, he didn't know the answer.

Running home he sees his father in the garage and comes in yelling "Daddy, daddy!"

The father asks, "What's wrong?" The youngster tells his father he needs to know what a vagina looks like after sex...

Again, caught off guard by the request, his dad looks around until he sees the dog. So he tells Johnny, "Son, do you remember what the bulldog looked like after he got into the mayonnaise jar...?"

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