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A priest is out for an afternoon stroll and turned the corner to find a Lil' Johnny with a hammer, smashing the tar out of a bunch of ants. Johnny was saying to himself, "I hate these fucking ants... I hate these fucking ants." The priest is taken back by the little boy's language and told him basically that God doesn't make junk. Tomorrow I will be coming by again and if you can tell me three things that God created that are worthless, than I will let you continue killing the ants.

The next afternoon the priest is out again for his walk and came upon Lil' Johnny, smashing ants. The priest reminded him of the agreement that they made, that he agreed not to kill any more ants unless he could name three things that God created that are worthless. Lil' Johnny looked up with a devilish smile and said, "I know three things: A priest's prick, a nun's tits and these fucking ants!"

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