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* Earliest Remembrances
What's his name ?
How old is he ?
Isn't he the cutest thing ?
Did my lil' man lose his blankee ?

* Early
How's School ?
And just who do you think you are ?
Can't you act your age ?
And just what were you doing to the dog with that eggbeater ?

* Pre-Teen
What do you mean you don't understand History/English ?
You call that cleaning your room ?
Who told you you could play baseball/basketball ?
How in the world could you lose your homework ?

* Adolescence
Why are you failing History/English/French ?
May I see your license and registration please ?
Is any girl worth moping around about ? A boy your age !
How in the world could you lose your wallet/sneakers/hat ?

* Post Adolescence
Exactly how long had you planned to stay in college ?
Why in the world would you want to join the Navy ?
Why can't you settle down with a nice girl ?
When will you learn you can't go around saying what you think ?

* Early Adulthood
How's the job ?
How's the family ?
Are you glad you married me ?
How can you speak to me that way, don't you care ?

* Adult Years
How's the new job ?
Aren't you ever going to be satisfied ?
Gee Dad, weren't you ever young ?
How can you speak that way to your own son ?

* The Middle Years
How's the new job ?
How's the new house ?
Do you think I'm getting fat/old ?
Don't you realize you embarrass me ?

* The Present
So, how's retirement ?
What did the doctor say ?
Is that all you're going to do, play on that computer ?
How in the world could you lose your pills ?

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