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See also: Politics
See also: Rednecks
Are They Normal - Part I
Are They Normal - Part II
Cultural differences explained
Corporate America
The New Yorker
State Mottos
Modifying cultural norms
USA = Microsoft, Europe = UNIX
Ticket, please!
African Chieftain
Ebonic American Dictionary Top 200
100 Camels
Lunch Time
Gently down the stream
Signs You're from New York
Name Changes
Irish Philosophy Top 100
Learn Chinese in 5 minutes... Top 200
Bay Watch
You're from Pittsburgh if... Top 100
Quality Control
No beer at McDonald's in the States
Beeing From NW Pennsylvania
Falkland Island Crisis
Geography Test With Answers
Dolphins Are So Smart... Top 200
The Golden Phones
Red, White & Blue
USA vs Canada Top 100
The Florida problem
Smart Czech (oldie)
The Grandfather Clock
Best Place
Oh, The Irish Ego
High School Math Exams
Canoe Canoe?
New State Slogans
Where y'all from?
We are Lost
Bungee Jumping
Where an American is from
Cold Weather Humor Top 100
Final Judgement
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