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Two rednecks named Bubba and Larry and a city boy named Henry went hunting. It was Henry's first time hunting but Bubba and Larry grew up hunting. They went to the clubhouse with the manager of the club. The manager said, "Tomorrow morning, you can leave whenever you want, but you must be back by 7:00PM tomorrow." The three hunters confirmed. Bubba asked, "What are some of the methods around here?" The manager replied, "Well, since the rut is pretty much over, my suggestion would be, find and follow the tracks and once you see one, take 'em down. If you kill one, just drag it back to the club." Once again they confirmed.

The next morning, Bubba and Larry got up at 4:00AM with no problem. Larry tried to wake Henry up but he had some trouble getting up. Finally they were all awake and ready to go hunting. They picked up their rifles and headed out. Later in the day, the manager heard 2 gunshots. As 7:00PM started to roll around, Bubba and Larry got back, dragging their bucks. The manager saw them dragging their deer across the field. As they got closer, the manager said, "Well, how did you manage to get those? They both replied, "I just followed his tracks and there he was."

Going on 7:30PM, Henry was not yet back. So, they got their flashlights and search for him. They finally found him. He was bruised, bloody and had scars all over him. They asked, "What happened?" He yelled, "Well, I followed the tracks and the stupid train hit me!"

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