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One day a wizard was sitting on the bank of a river meditating. Along comes the village idiot in his boat, singing at the top of his lungs: "ROW, ROW, ROW, YOUR BOAT,GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM...".

The wizard was unable to concentrate with all the racket and thought, "What is wrong with that idiot? Everyone in the village knows I come here for peace and quiet. He should know better that to disturb me! I guess I'll have to teach him a lesson!"

So, the wizard casts a spell. *zap* The wizard's spell removes half the idiot's intelligence. The village idiot, after a pause, goes: "R..R..ROW, R...ROW, ROW, YER BOAT...". "I don't believe it", says the wizard, "he still hasn't learned. I'll just have to teach him another lesson!" So the wizard casts another spell. *zap* The idiot loses half of his remaining intelligence.

The idiot continues, "um...R...R...ROW YA BOAT... "The wizard is now flabbergasted. "I cannot believe that this idiot will not learn his lesson! Since he is so unwilling to learn from his mistakes, I will take away _all_ of his intelligence. So, the wizard casts a final spell. *zap* The idiot loses all of his remaining intelligence. The idiot goes:


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