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See also: Politics
Question of Time
Government Policy: Snake Attak
Thank You for calling the US Army.
Thought for the Day
What Does "Colonel" Stand For?
Tax Humor
Troubles with your mage
TO: Secretary of Agriculture
Everything men know about women
Lease A Nuclear Device!
Murphys law of war
The Rules of Combat
Mugging Your Congressman
Military Acronyms Top 100
Falkland Island Crisis
Squawk Sheets
Red, White & Blue
Military Etiquette
Corruption, fools and food...
When I was in the military...
New Element
World war II joke
Did we pay our taxes?
Line Of Duty
Los Alamos
The Challenge To Create!
Spy Hunter
1000 Dollar Competition
The Modern Ark
Bangety Bang Bang
Telephone Man
Smart Dogs
Militia glossary
Pentagon Study
Intelligent Life
The Dubya War Glossary
Military Jargon explained
The Idiot and The Wizard
Friends or Enemies
How Government Works
What time is it?
Jeep driving
Paratrooper Practice
Hillbilly in the Army
A War Story
Military Communication
Home from war
Brave Soldier
Late Night (POW Torture)
Iraq Prison Scandal Jokes
Superior Secret Service
Travel Deductions
Last Wish
3 Bricks, and a Bomb
G.I. issue
Mail Call
Murphy's Military Laws
Tax Relief
Military Man
Army vs Marines
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