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 Ebonic American Dictionary of Phrases
 Nice shoes mutha          I'll take the Air Jordans in size 10
 Nice _____  mutha         I'll have one of those
 Wuzup                     Good morning, how are you
 Yo mamma                  Pardon me
 Yo mamma                  I dont agree
 Yo mamma                  Oh gosh
 Yo mamma                  Excuse me dear
 Yo mamma                  You also
 I be lookin fo  work      Is this the welfare office
 Grab da wall              I am a police officer and I wish to
                             talk to you
 Bitch                     Womyn
 Da bitch be hot           What an attractive young lady
 Bitch done want me        I think she likes me
 On yo knees bitch         Might we date
 Where da check            Has our govt check arrived
 The Juice                 The Juice
 Mutha                     Person
 The bitch be knocked      She's expecting
 Out da car now o you dead Might I borrow your car
 Gimmie                    Thank you
 F you mutha               You're welcome
 Example of conversation:
 Nice car mutha. Gimmie o you ass be shot. F you and yo momma too.
 Might I borrow your automobile? Please? Thank you for your trouble. 

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