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Glossary Of Blonde Medicine

- A -

Artery: Study Of Paintings

- B -

Bacteria: Back Door To A Cafeteria
Barium: What Doctors Do When Treatment Fails
Benign: What You Be After You Be Eight
Bowel: A Letter Like A, E, I, O Or U

- C -

Caesarean Section: A District In Rome
Cat Scan: Searching For Kitty
Cauterize: Made Eye Contact With Her
Colic: A Sheep Dog
Coma: A Punctuation Mark
Congenital: Friendly

- D -

Dnc: Where Washington Is
Dilate: To Live Long

- E -

Enema: Not A Friend

- F -

Fester: Quicker

- G -

Genital: Non-jewish
G.i. Series: Soldier Ball Game
Grippe: Suitcase

- H -

Hangnail: Coat Hook
High Colonic: Jewish Religious Holiday

- I -

Impotent: Distinguished, Well Known

- L -

Labor Pain: Getting Hurt At Work

- M -

Medical Staff: Doctor's Cane
Morbid: Higher Offer

- N -

Nitrate: Cheaper Than A Day Rate
Node: Was Aware Of

- O -

Outpatient: Person Who Has Fainted

- P -

Pap Smear: Fatherhood Test
Pelvis: Cousin Of Elvis
Post Operative: Letter Carrier
Prostate: Flat On Your Back

- R -

Recovery Room: Place To Do Upholstery
Rectum: Dang Near Killed Him
Rheumatic: Amorous

- S -

Secretion: Hiding Something
Seizure: Roman Emperor

- T -

Tablet: A Small Table
Terminal Illness: Getting Sick At The Airport
Tibia: Country In North Africa
Tumor: More Than One

- U -

Urine: Opposite Of You're Out

- V -

Varicose: Near By

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