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The city boy goes to countryside visiting his uncle. The uncle is a farmer and his estate is right in the middle of nowhere, among sands and cactuses and the nearest interstate is two billion miles away (I am quoting the boy!).

After the sun comes down, the boy hears strange, another-world howling. He gets frightened and runs to his uncle. 'Uncle, uncle, there are werewolves!'

'That's rubbish, boy, ain't no such thing.'

'Then, there must be man-eating wolves.'

'No, we haven't got those buddies, either.'

'What is this sound, then?' the boy asks.

'They are coyotes.'

'Coyotes? what are those?'

'They look a lot like dogs. In fact, ya can consider them a kind of dogs.'

The boy wants to find out more: 'Why are they making this frightening noise?'

'See, nephew, we ain't got many trees around here. We got cactuses!'

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