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A young farm girl answers the door. An older neighbor is there.

"My father isn't home," she says, "but I can help you. You want our bull to service your cow. Well, my father charges one hundred dollars for his best bull."

"That's not what I want," the neighbor says.

"We have a young bull who is just starting out. My father charges fifty dollars for him."

"That's not I want, either."

"We have an old bull out in the pasture," the girl tries again. "He can still do the job and my father charges only ten dollars for him."

"That's not what I want," the neighbor says. "I came here to see your father about your brother Elmer. Elmer made my daughter pregnant."

"Oh," the girl replies. "You'll have to see my father about that. I don't know what he charges for Elmer."

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