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George and John are two farmers, who are enjoying a nice afternoon together in the orchard with some bottles of wine in front of them. After quite a few drinks, the topic of discussion drifts towards "who's the bravest".

"I am the bravest man you've ever seen," claims George, "and I'm ready to prove it." "How will you do that?" asks John. "Here... I'll strip butt naked, cover my body in honey, and let you tie me up against that tree that's got the bees nest on it."

John seems reluctant whether to let George do this, however, his friend talks him into it. They march together down to that tree, and John does exactly as told, then leaves.

A few hours later he returns to find George hanging limp from the ropes, barely breathing. "OH MY GOD," cries John as he rushes to free him. "What happened to you? Did the bees sting you?" George barely manages to speak in a soft voice. "No... but doesn't that calf have a mother?..."

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