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Geography Test:

Table Game at the 2000 International Save The Pun Foundation Annual Dinner.
Chicago, April 1, 2000

1. Get lost! Go _PARAGUAY_ from me.
2. _HIMALAYA_ down to sleep, he pray the lord his soul to keep.
3. Sid is ten minutes late. _VENICE_ he going to show up.
4. The Professor is a real windbag. He really likes to _BABYLON_.
5. They smashed my window, grabbed my purse and then _TEHRAN_ off.
6. _BEIRUT_ keeps the Bay plant from blowing away.
7. _ARKANSAS_ a tree down in ten minutes, boasted the lumberjack.
8. The answer is 45, not 2. _URAGUAY_ off.
9. The mine closed because _OREGON_.
10. I'll only take a _CARDIFF_ I know it will give me better than 3 of
a kind.
11. When she left the threesome, it became a _TUCSON_.
12. I don't want an argument. I'll be happier if he a-_GREESE_ with me.
13. _SOMERSET_ here and the rest were put over there.
14. A _GUYANA_ and a girl often become man and wife.
15. In a hurricane, the _WINDSOR_ very strong.
16. A port city will always be found where there is _ANN ARBOR_.
17. Do you prefer drinking beer from a _CANNES or a bottle?
18. I like coffee, but I _HAITI_.
19. Don't tie two knots, just _TAIWAN_.
20. Never _ANKARA_ boat until the engine is turned off.
21. Me and the _BOISE_ went out for a beer.
22. _IDAHO_, I would go over this garden right now.
23. First prize is a hog. How'd you like to _WINNAPEG_.
24. You dented my car! _UGANDA_ get away with this.
25. There's _NORWAY_ I can finish this tonight.
26. You can find a _NEPAL_ on a woman?s breast.
27. First, correct the essay exams. _DENMARK_ the labs.
28. The Clippers have lost 18 games in a row. They are on a _LUZAN_ streak.
29. _BUDAPEST_? Not at all. He's the nicest guy I know.
30. _IOWA_ my bookie $1000 and he's out to get me.
31. In winter, the weather in Washington goes from rainy to _RANIER_.
32. That place is expensive. They'll _GEORGIA_ an arm and a leg.
33. Hey, Buddy, _KENYA_ spare a dime?
34. It is a crime to _BURMA_ house down on purpose.
35. This is worthless. I think _EGYPT_ you.
36. The sign at the salad bar said, _SERBIA_ self.
37. I'm fine, thanks. _HAWAII_.
38. I don't like Susan. Yeah, _SUEZ_ not a nice girl.
39. You broke the window? _OMAN_, are you ever in big trouble.
40. Our visas are here. Now we _CONGO_ to Africa.
41. I have _BENIN_ Africa for years.
42. All of a _SUDAN_, the dust storm struck.

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