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Three men decided they wanted to rob a bank, but they wanted to find a clever and original way to do it. After racking their brains they came up with a plan to rob the 1st National Bank using an elephant. So they got an elephant.

At the heist, everyone is impressed with these men who are so cleverly using an elephant in a robbery. However, they had only gotten two blocks away when the police arrived at the scene of the crime and ordered them to stop, which they did not do.

The police fired their weapons and the elephant fell over, dead. The three thieves came back and stood over the body of their fallen comrade, in tears. "No!" they cried. "Why HIM? It shoulda been me instead."

One of the police officers, dumbfounded, walked up to them and asked, "What's going on here? You might still have gotten away with the money. Instead you all stop and practically give yourselves up, just because of an ELEPHANT."

One of the bankrobbers answered him, "You don't understand, sir. You couldn't possibly understand. You have no idea the trouble we had getting the stocking over his head."

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