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See also: Microsoft Bashing
Two Digits For a Date
Y2K bug?
Care and feeding of your computer
Signs Your PC isn't Top of the Line
Dot Matrix Manual
PDP-11 Instruction Set
Minnesota Computer Terminology
Virtual Hilarity
Bad Advise ...
Nerds at the Hardware Store 1/2
Nerds at the Hardware Store 2/2
Network TV Gimmicks
New Computer Viruses
IBM PC For Sale
What is AOL?
Computer Trek
Gnu echo man page
Computer Diagnosis
Fun With Unix
Haiku Error Messages
New Ways to Test Software
Technology vs Life
You Know you're hooked when ...
GirlFriend 6.0
Is Y2K REALLY Scary?
Netscape 5.0 Features
Browser War
More evil than Satan himself Top 100
E-Mail Virus Alert
Chicken: Computers (24)
Owed Two Computer
Multitasking and Chewing Gum
Internet Help
A Software Developers Version
Top Ten Ways to Pronounce Linux
Is Linux A Finnish Conspiracy?
2000 - Y2k
OS Beer
Check your mouse gender...
Murphy's Law of Computing
Endless Loop
Computer troubles in Space
Utah Woman Deletes the Internet!
Research On The Internet
Interesting, Very Interesting
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