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Dilbert's Laws of Work
Crazy Language
Funny Signs
Bart Simpson Writings
Cynical forms of humor
Make a Telemarketer Go Away Top 100
Old vs. New
Some Good Ones
Condom Ad Slogans
Funny Bumper Stickers
Rejected Motel 6 Slogans
Offensive to LA police
New State Slogans
Easter Bunnyisms
To Exercise Or Not To Exercise
50-50-90 Rule
Bagpipe Gags
Bathroom Scribbles
Cards not sold at Hallmark
Little-Known Chocolate Tidbits ...
Very Short Books
Some Dinosaur Jokes
Texas Wisdom
Funny Slogans Top 200
One Liners
Corporate America
Some One Liners
Amish Carriage
Thoughts To Ponder
Don't talk about life
Message of the Day
Funny Signs
One-liner Digest
What are you in for?
Basic Latin Top 200
Women's Bumper Stickers
News Headlines 1998
Quotable Quotes
George Bush Slogans
World's Smallest Books
Anti-War Slogans
About Programming
T-Shirt Sayings Top 100
Some Laws
Tourism in South Africa... Top 100
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