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* Date at the door in his PJs: "I thought instead of going out, that we'd spend a quite evening at home."

* College student to traffic cop: "Of course I refuse to take your sobriety test. I haven't even studied."

* Daughter to Father: "Yes Dad, I agree women can make excellent doctors. I've made 3 or 4 myself."

* Pickup to man embracing her: "My bra's up higher. You're trying to unbuckle my shoulder holster."

* Mistress to Man: "Too tired again tonite ? You know what I think ? I think you're playing around with your wife !"

* Best Man to Groom at altar: "We're setting up a foresome right after the ceremony, think you can duck the reception ?"

* Boyfriend to Father showing daughter's beau to the door: "Have it your way, but in a few months, you'll be begging me to come back."

* Mood music interrupted by a jingle in Honeymoon Suite: "Smile... You're on Candid Camera."

* Pickup to man after a long sexual session: "Please. No kissing. I may still be contagious."

* Father to Mother as he's about to spank a smirking boy: "Don't be silly. Where would he get plastic explosives ?"

* Daughter to Mother: "Why is it all men I meet are either young and broke or old and bent ?"

* Mrs JimJr on phone looking in my direction: "Yes you can speak to him; but, I hardly think you'll find it a very rewarding experience."

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